10. 5. 2023

For Adam, the home World Cup will be one of the highlights of his career

After fourteen long years, the aces of sport climbing will come to the Czech Republic. Prague will host the Bouldering World Cup in early June and Adam Ondra will not miss the captivating atmosphere of the competition on Letenská Pláň.

Ondra still has vivid memories of the unique atmosphere of the packed hall in Ruzyně, where as a ten-year-old boy cheered on the first Czech World Champion in climbing, Tomáš Mrázek, during the World cup stop in Czech Republic. And in 2009, at the age of sixteen, he was among the starters at the Brno Exhibition Centre. "Those fourteen years have somehow flown by," smiles the newly thirty-year-old Czech national team member.

Letná has already hosted bouldering competitions in the Czech Cup in the past, but this is the first time the world's elite will meet within sight of Prague Castle. "The venue at Letná is great, there could not be a better advertisement for our sport. And more pressure can push me to do even better," believes the 2014 World Bouldering Champion.

The successful organization of "Europe" helped on the way to the World Cup

Prague had the privilege to welcome the World Cup after the successful organization of the European Cup last year, which Ondra won to the delight of the home fans. "According to the International Federation of Sport Climbing IFSC, it was rated as the best cup in the series, which together with the attractiveness of Prague helped to award the World Cup. Of course, it is somewhere else in terms of organisation, we have to meet higher standards and a team of twelve people has been working on preparations for six months. In February, the IFSC inspection took place, and details such as the rotation of the walls to the cardinal points were fine-tuned. So far, there has been satisfaction," said Jan Bloudek, president of the Czech Mountaineering Association.

It will be the first sharp start for Ondra this year. "Due to the beginning of the Olympic nomination, I set myself an experimental training season. The highlight for me is definitely the World Championships in Bern in August, where I will have the first opportunity to get tickets to Paris. But at the same time it is important to collect points from world events, so the race in Prague is also important. And I would really like to be in the finals in front of the home final crowd," wishes Ondra, who will be accompanied by eleven other Czech competitors, led by the women's number one Eliška Adamovská and the legendary Stráník brothers.

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